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EZ d.o.o. Kaćuni - Busovača exists since 1989. It is present on the market with three different, but connected product lines: - Hygiene production program (home chemistry), under the recognizable brand names TISal, Citral, GLANZ, Lilla and DAILY. - Beauty product program branded „Royal line“ - Eco-friendly molded and blown packaging program used for our own production as well as for sale (PET, PE, PP).









Within „TISal“, "Citral", "Lilla" "GLANZ", "DAILY" i „ROYAL LINE“ product lines there are more than thirty products in 80 different packages. We distribute our products on markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia.. We pay special attention to technology developments, constant product improvement and staff training. We maintain our high quality standards and innovative product design through business and friendly relations with known world-wide producers in our field of work. Materials used in production are of European union origin, which guarantees high quality products, accordance with EU Standards and Directives and helps remove environment hazards, cancerous materials and allergens. Our goal is to keep and improve on our position as leading cleaning and cosmetics producers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.