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Production of home chemistry

A program for the production of hygiene products (home chemistry), under a recognizable name TISal, Citral, GLANZ, Lilla i DAILY


Packaging production

A program for the production of environmentally friendly injection molded and blown packaging used to meet your own needs, and for the needs of other manufacturers(PET, PE, PP)


One of the leading companies in the country

quality products

The company EZ d.o.o. Kaćuni- Busovača has existed since 1989. The market is present with three different but interconnected production programs....

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Cleaning agents

"Nek je sve uGlanzano...od poda pa do krova..."

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SGS ISO 9001


ISO STANDARD 9001: 2008 is part of our business and the world's leading inspectorate, verification, testing and certification company - SGS has awarded us a certificate for a quality management system.

12 Feb 2018

New Catalog


A brand new line of products, more beautiful and more practical packaging of existing products.