GLANZ OXY ACTION 2 in 1 with active oxygen


New innovative formula GLANZ OXY ACTION 2 in 1: 

  • stain remover with active oxygen
  • Improves the whiteness of white laundry

With its formula, GLANZ OXY ACTION 2 in 1 removes all kinds of stains from fabrics, removes dirt and is intended for both white and colored laundry. Does not damage fabrics. By adding GLANZ OXY ACTION 2 in 1 product to the regular wash with white linen, it enhances whiteness and retains the existing shine and freshness. Thanks to its innovative formula and active oxygen, white fabrics that have a gray or yellowish tone are successfully whitened.

INSTRUCTIONS: dissolve up to 2 bushels of detergent in 5 l of warm water (approx. 40 ° C). Soak colored clothing in solution for up to 30 minutes, white clothing for up to 2 hours. Then wash clothes with detergent in the washing machine on the appropriate program. For very hard stains, dissolve 1/3 to 1/2 bushel in 1 liter of warm water, wash clothes, then use the soaking / dipping method described above. For washing in a washing machine: add 1 bushel (about 30 g) of detergent to the washing machine dispenser, then add detergent and wash clothes on the appropriate program.


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