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Within programs "GLANZ", "ELLA", "LILLA", "TISAL", "DAILY" and "CITRAL", there are 41 consumer products in 135 different packaging. Products are placed and distributed all over BiH, as well as in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Ghana, Switzerland, Montenegro, Sweden and Saudi Arabia.We particularly emphasize the development of technology, constant introduction of new products, as well as permanent professional development of our staff. The company maintains the high-quality standards, as well as impressive product design, through business and friendly ties with acknowledge world producers from this line of work. The raw materials used in production originate exclusively from the EU, which guarantees high level of product quality, compliance with the EU standards and directives, which contributes to removal of all matters hazardous to the environment, carcinogenic matters and allergenic factors.

Our mission

“High-quality product is our imperative and is recognized by our customers, as well as final end consumers”

Our vision

“Our vision is continuous professional development of staff, development of new technology, as well as the introduction of high-quality products, which is a guarantee for stability and growth of the company”

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