The Qudal Medal (Quality Medal) is awarded on the basis of market research that exclusively measures the experience, opinion and consumer perception of those products and services that offer the highest level of quality. This award can only be worn by products and services that have been granted the highest grades for quality by consumers in their market category.

When asked what is the best glass cleaner, consumers in Bosnia and Herzegovina responded that Glanz antistatic has the best quality.
A gold medal and a maximum of five stars for quality, awarded on the basis of consumer satisfaction, is a confirmation that BiH companies can pair with world manufacturers and offer high-performance and excellent quality products such as Glanz to the market.

“In a very large competition of glass cleaning manufacturers and products, winning a maximum of five stars and a gold medal tells us that our technologists and manufacture personnel create a great product, for which they are ultimately rewarded with such an award,” said Lejla Šuman, Marketing & Product Manager at EZ Group d.o.o., and added: “The reward that comes from the people the product is intended for, i.e. the consumers, is the best indicator that you are creating a quality product, just to their own needs.”

The 2019 Qudal is just one of a series of awards that EZ Group has received for its products over the course of its thirty years of operations.