Production assortments of one of the largest companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the production of hygiene and personal care products are getting richer by the day.

Following the trends, EZ d.o.o. launched in early 2019 a new Ella Argan shampoo that is highly sought after when it comes to consumer needs in the world.

Argan has become very popular lately, and it is the fruit of the argan tree (Lat. Argania spinosa), which grows in southwestern Morocco and is called the tree of life by the local residents. Oil extracted from argan tree contains saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, minerals and carotenoids.

When it comes to hair, argan helps to comb the hair more easily and gives it a special shine and reduces split ends. The hair will be protected from the wind, sun, bad substances that are active in smog during the winter, and give it protection when it comes to drying hair with different devices. Argan oil shampoo also extends the color durability of dyed hair, according to technologists from the company.

“When it comes to innovations at EZ, especially in the personal care department, our technologists strive to keep up with the world trends and develop new products accordingly. Just as we recently introduced the first BiH garlic shampoo, we are now launching Ella Argan Oil Shampoo on the market, all with the aim of offering our customers the highest quality product that will help keep their hair perfectly preserved and healthy, “said Lejla Šuman, Marketing & Product Manager at EZ d.o.o.

After becoming the proud ambassador of Ella Shampoo, TV presenter Dejana Rosuljaš stated: “We all know how healing argan oil is and how much protection it gives to the scalp, so I found the perfect protection for my hair. Ella Argan shampoo nourishes hair and gives it shine, nourishes split ends, preserves the color of my hair, protects my hair from the wind, hair dryer, cold, and prevents dandruff. ”

It is important to note that EZ owns its own production facilities for the production of plastic packaging, so Ella, as well as other products of this company, from the development, raw materials, packaging, as well as the product itself, absolutely bear the label 100% produced in BiH.

Ella Argan Oil Shampoo is available in retail stores across BiH in 250 ml and 1000 ml packs.