Over the past weekend, all passengers waiting for passport control at the Doljani border crossing were pleasantly surprised with very interesting gifts. Namely, the company EZ d.o.o. from Busovača decided on a completely different promotion called “Refresh your hair with Ella”, all with the aim of promoting the latest product – Ella shampoo with natural garlic additive.

The Ella garlic shampoo at the beginning of the year was developed by local technologists in collaboration with their French counterparts. After getting into all BiH stores, the end customers were introduced to it. All those who found themselves at BC Doljani received one pack of shampoo so that during their stay at the sea coast they would have adequate protection for their hair.

With this novelty, EZ Company becomes the only BiH manufacturer to offer natural garlic shampoo in its product range. Garlic has healing and antioxidant properties and shampoo in this formulation has anti-dandruff, hair loss and photo-protective activity.

By using this product, your hair will be shiny, firm and protected throughout the day. The shampoo has a great scent that is a bit unreal, given the expectations of end customers.
EZ has decided to honor all those who crossed the Doljani border crossing this past weekend by donating their new, domestic product – Ella Garlic Shampoo. “At the same time, we wanted to present our novelty, which contains a natural garlic supplement. As a socially responsible company, we care about the health of all those who travel to the sea today and are confident that with Ella shampoos they will protect their hair from all harmful, external influences. We are glad that the well-known TV face, Dejana Rosuljaš-Špiler, is also convinced of the quality of Ella shampoo, ”said Lejla Šuman, Marketing & Product Manager at EZ d.o.o.


The fact that the Ella garlic shampoo already has its sympathizers has been confirmed by the well-known BiH TV host Dejana Rosuljaš Špiler, who found this shampoo in the store, tried it and included it in her must have collection.

“For every woman, nurtured and beautiful look is very important, and so is it for me. Eldin Nuhić, the hairdresser in charge of my hair, showed me that hair care is equally important. Accordingly, I recently found Ella shampoos, which delighted me at first use, and my favorite is the new garlic shampoo. In addition to a very pleasant scent, it gives my hair a voluminous, dandruff-free appearance, scalp is protected, and most importantly it enhances hair growth. When it comes to the products I buy, it is very important to me that they are domestic, just like with Ella shampoos, which have become an integral part of my beauty bag since we met, “said Rosuljaš-Špiler.

You can find Ella garlic shampoo and other Ella shampoos in all BiH markets in 1-liter packages.