The Association Srce za djecu oboljelu od raka (en. Heart for Children with Cancer), from the beginning of its operation and work with children with malignant diseases, has encountered various problems and challenges in the treatment of hair loss and the procurement of medical wigs for little patients in the Home for parents of children with cancer.

In the past two years, the Association has launched and repeatedly implements a project called “My Hair, Your Hair”, to restore confidence in children who are temporarily or permanently losing their hair. Throughout the year, events are created across BiH to invite all hair donors, and with an interesting event, large quantities of healthy hair are collected, from which specially trained wigs create wigs for residents of the Home.

“We are truly grateful for the wholehearted support of all the good people and companies that help our little heroes. It means a lot to us when we know that companies are investing in their corporate social responsibility sector and that our children have someone to rely on. On this occasion, I would especially like to thank the EZ company and the Ella brand for this kind of promotion and support to the ‘My Hair, Your Hair’ project, ”said Fikret Kubat, Director of the Association Srce za djecu oboljelu od raka.

Following the global trends in production and business in general, EZ Group from Busovača also follows trends in social responsibility, so in its own way it decided to support, with the help of its customers, the “My Hair, Your Hair” project.

“EZ Group company has been operating in the BiH market for 30 years. In all our years of work, we have strived to be socially aware in this way, in addition to developing excellent products, following world standards in all business spheres, selfless assistance to the local community. After the plan for 2019 was developed, we came up with the idea to help this project, and in the next four months as the campaign lasts, we will donate 5 percent of the total sales of Ella shampoos of all types and packaging, “said Mahir Mujić, Director General of the EZ Group.

Support of the companies, and the public in general, in any manner helps the Association and its beneficiaries.

“This will be of great assistance for the continuation of the ‘My Hair, Your Hair’ project. I would like to express gratitude to the Ella brand for its support and investment in one of the most humane projects in the region. We believe that their contribution will mean a lot to our young ones and that with their assistance we will make even more wigs for the children who temporarily or permanently lost hair”, said Nermina Ćuzović, ‘My Hair, Your Hair’ project coordinator.

Lejla Šuman, Marketing & Product Manager in EZ Group company stated that this project could not have been implemented without the support from partners who participated in this campaign. “Special gratitude, on behalf of the EZ Group and the Association Srce za djecu oboljelu od raka, goes to the following companies: Bingo, Konzum, Best, Kort markets, Amko komerc, Penny markets, and drugstores CM and DM. I would also like to highlight once again that the campaign will take place from May 1 to August 31 2019, after which we will present to the public the exact amount of the donation”, said Šuman.
Production line of Ella shampoos includes seven types of shampoos; garlic, argan, nettle, lavender, peach, chamomile and honey, and they come in 1 liter and 250 milliliter packs. ,