DAILY PLUS ANTIBACTERIAL – Liquid hand sanitizer 0.5 l


  • Hand sanitizer
  • Product of strong disinfecting power based on alcohol and benzalkonium chloride
  • It has a high disinfecting power, successfully reduces the number of microorganisms from the surface of the hands and has a prolonged effect
  • Easy, simple and quick application
  • It does not dry out the skin, nourishes and leaves no traces
  • Mild and pleasant smell
  • Hands are disinfected, hydrated and cared for after use
  • Useful in households, public health facilities, catering, hotels, schools, sports facilities, hairdressers and beauty salons, etc.

The product was tested for the effectiveness of the disinfectant in an accredited laboratory where it was proven to have microbicidal activity on 8 selected strains of microorganisms. The effectiveness of microbicidal action is shown in less than 1 minute.

DAILY PLUS antibacterial – hand sanitizer is a product that is registered in the Inventory of Biocidal Products and based on that it has received a permit for free placement on the market.
Instructions: Turn on the SPRAY option. On clean and dry palms, apply 1-2 ml of the product, rub the palms and the area between the fingers for at least 30 seconds until the hands are dry. Do not rinse with water.


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