Glanz ProActive air conditioner disinfectant and cleaner


Disinfectant, cleaner and remover of unpleasant odors of air conditioners – evaporators, filters, indoor and outdoor air conditioning units.

GLANZ disinfectant and cleaning agent is intended for air conditioners and air filtration equipment. It acts on a wide range of bacteria and viruses, the cause of the flu, and can prevent the development of mold and odors. In addition to disinfection and cleaning, it also has the role of deodorant and air freshener.

Reasons to use GLANZ disinfectant and air conditioner:

  • Air conditioner filters, fans and heat exchangers require regular cleaning and maintenance in order for the unit to function efficiently during its service life.
  • Filters inside air conditioners are designed to collect dirt and germs, but if not maintained regularly, they can clog and collect moisture and mold.
  • Clogged, dirty filters block normal airflow and reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner.

Your health is most important, so with proper climate maintenance it will be more comfortable and healthier to stay in the room.

Instructions for use:

  1. Before cleaning, unplug the appliance.
  2. Remove the air filter.
  3. Spray the filter with air conditioner, wait 2-3 minutes and wash it thoroughly, preferably with warm water.
  4. Vacuum all dust and dirt from the rectifier and the air conditioner body.
  5. Spray the evaporator with air conditioner and then dry with a cloth / towel.
  6. Return the dry filter to the device.
  7. You can then turn on the air conditioner to make the drying process faster.

Napomena: Pay attention to electrical installations, which must not be in contact with the product.


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