Glanz Tabs – dishwasher tablets

PACKING: 25 kom, 60 kom, 100kom

Glanz dishwasher tablets in a water-soluble foil contain detergent that effectively breaks down and removes the most solid residues of baked and dried foods. The washed dishes are given a radiant shine, with no stains and no trace of water droplets. The effect of the salt substitute on tablets is effective in soft, medium and hard water. For hard water use Glanz Salz and Glanz Brilliant rinse aid. After washing with tablets, the dishes remain clean, shiny, odorless and with no trace of water droplets. Glanz Tabs help prevent glass corrosion. The occurrence of glass corrosion depends on the type of glass and the specific washing conditions. Glanz Tabs do not prevent mechanical damage.

INSTRUCTIONS: remove food residue from dishes. Check the washing machine filter for cleanliness. Hands must be dry when using the tablet. Do not unwrap or pierce the foil in which the tablet is placed. Put the tablet still in the foil in the compartment and turn on the dishwashing machine. The dosing compartment must be dry. If the compartment is too small, put the tablet in the cutlery basket and switch off the prewash program.


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